Penny slot machines

Playing normal slot machines that only require a penny can seem quite cheap. In reality, although it may seem quite cheap, this is really what the online casino is trying to make you believe, and not necessarily the total truth.

Today, the simple three reel normal slots has faded into obscurity. Modern slot machines are humongous multi line creatures offering high percentage pay outs with smaller chances of winning but more longevity. Check out Spin Palace which has more than 300 slots to choose from! In terms of practicality and commodity, today the slot machines have been developed to more readily accept notes as well as coins or bills. The real fancy ones can issue rewards in the form of special tickets which can be used to redeem against other things. Everything is designed to enhance the playing experience and to tailor gaming towards the individual player’s needs and wants.

The most noticeable change in slot machines is the significant increase in pay lines. A slots nowadays will usually have around twenty or so pay lines and some may reach even higher. Of course, to access all the pay lines you will have to pay more and the usual set up is that each pay line attracts a stake. This also translates into a greater chance of winning. With normal slots that cost almost ten times as much per spin but offer twenty pay lines, there is a chance that the spin cost could be reaching astronomical figures, and all of a sudden the old “pay less win more” slot machine has become somewhat more costly for a regular gambler. Those of you who lecture about how you need to “play only the minimum lines”, I will remind you that to stand a chance of winning big prizes and of course any possible jackpot, you really have to play as many lines as you can afford or your profits will be very small.

These high pay out machines and potentially massive jackpots – up to millions in some cases - are very attractive to serious gamblers and gamers. The chances of big wins are very attractive but the high stakes can marginalise small time players. Enter the penny slot. They are still multi line machines but now there’s the option to pay at 1c per line and with the choice of how many lines are played.

Of course, the 1c lure is that gaming is cheaper. If however, a player wants to maximize winning chances, the full complement of lines has to be played, meaning the 1c stake is multiplied by the number of lines and thereby effectively taking the stake up to one that exceeds the fixed line slots.

So does this mean penny slot machines are fool’s gold? Those who like to get as much as possible out of the machine and will not leave unless they get the jackpot will find better options elsewhere and also find that they get this a lot quicker.

The most important thing is to find a machine that most suits your needs and to stick with it, if you do not want to wager too much then enjoy the non-committal aspect of a one penny normal slot.